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iDvert Media Takes Flight

Juggling with all consumer touch points means working with various vendors, which makes campaign optimization and gaining holistic insights challenging. Our team believes that it's time for a change - iDvert Media - we combine all channel advertisements into a single platform that guarantees full lucidity of the customer funnel.

Our mission is to drive the marketing experience forward with cutting-edge ideas, trendsetting innovations and considerable expertise.

We are set on building a bridge between publishers and advertisers. Our innovative affiliate network offers real value - publishers utilize the potential of incoming traffic, while advertisers maximize their profits.

We combine the most up-to-date marketing strategies, to produce a unique marketing mix tailor-made to satisfy every customer’s whim.

Publishers Experience

  • Guaranteed monetization of all products
  • Compelling CPM rates
  • Unlimited database of advertisers around the globe
  • Supported in over 50 languages
  • Easy-to-use publishers software
  • Bewildering variety of creatives

Advertisers Experience

  • Cost effectiveness focus
  • Exclusive Publishers network
  • Industry-leading optimization tools
  • Tailor-made online campaigns
  • Personal Account manager
  • Creative Knowhow